Salesmen Always Traveling Through the Inn

There are always salesmen traveling through the Daughter’s Inn. Different types of salesmen. Most of them are in town for conventions or passing through trying to make the “big sale,” but every once in a while we get some really awesome and original salesmen that pass through the Inn. They don’t know it, but they often inspire me.

Here are some of the unique salesmen–or the companies they represent–that have passed through the Inn over the years and how they impacted me. I don’t always remember the names of the thousands of guests that pour through here, but I’m usually good about remembering where they said they came from or what business they said they represented.

Cory from Woodies Sunglasses

The guy that owns Woodies, Cory, is a great guy and was a great guest (and quite the traveler). And after we spent some time together, he gave me an awesome pair of wooden wayfarer sunglasses. That was a few years ago and I still wear them when I go to the beach. What I most took away from our encounter was his efficacy when it came to work. I got the feeling that he was very much so one of these “4 hour work week” guys. But he wasn’t a jerk about it like most of them are. He still cared about his brand. The quality of his product was foremost. Customer service was important to him.

I’m not really much of a fashion person, but if you are into sunglasses and want to support a brand that has values and stands behind quality, I’m a personal fan of Woodies, and you can check them out here –

The Guys from Grav Labs

Now, I’m personally not a partaker in pot. But this is California. So I see a lot of salesmen from companies that are looking to set up dispensaries, distributors for bong and pipe manufacturers, and political lobbyists trying to impact legislation regarding the legalization of marijuana. The nicest group of guys I’ve met in this industry were from Grav Labs–at least I think I’m getting that right.

Either way they came out for a 3-4 day trip and the client they were supposed to meet up with cancelled last minute, so they stayed and just hung out around the Inn. No funny, business, just clean fun…these guys were great. More importantly, they taught me more about internet marketing in the three days that they were here than I had ever learned by myself. Their most recent conquest was getting yet another online headshop to sell their Grav Labs products online.

These guys didn’t have to take time out of what had turned into a vacation for them and teach me sales/marketing, but they did and I appreciate it.

Donald Trump

No, I’m only just kidding… I’ve never met Donald Trump… 🙂

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