Karlo And Kiara Enjoyed Themselves!

The Daughters’ Inn is a perfect place to spend a weekend away from home, even if you have small kids. I was so scared when my husband suggested we should take a short vacation, because Karlo has some learning disabilities. He’s okay with new places, but I always worry that people won’t understand him and they’ll stare at him and that would not be good for him. Of course Kiara would be fine, she loves her older brother, so we decided to try it anyway.

A family friend suggested The Daughter’s Inn because it was made from a farmhouse far away from the city. There are few places where Karlo can get run over, and both of the kids can play in the surrounding area and garden without our worrying about them.

Imagine my stress when we arrived and found out that The Daughter’s Inn had a swimming pool! It is actually very small, only 25 meters long and very cold, and they put it in so that guests could take a cold dip before breakfast. I panicked and told them all the statistics on children drowning that I read on Infant Life Jacket, even if my husband was trying to calm me down. They let me stress, and then told me their plans for the pool.

They are planning to put a 4-side fence around the pool, with a high-enough barrel-lock so that children can’t reach it, but the materials are still being made and fetched. They don’t have child or infant life jackets either, because they also ordered them and it takes some time for orders to reach their tiny town. Meanwhile, they and some guests nice enough to volunteer keep a 24-hour watch on the pool. All of the watchers can swim, and they are under strict orders not to let the pool sit for a single second unattended.

We were very relieved, or at least I was. My husband pointed out to me that I never let the kids out of my sight on a normal day, so what was the worry? I agreed, so we pushed through with our plan to stay. (Yes, I was all for going back home already. Nice, safe home).

I have to really hand it to the staff of The Daughter’s Inn, they really kept a 24-hour watch on the pool at all times. In fact, to make it easier, they pulled out the long trestle tables on good nights and we would all just eat by the pool. They moved out some couches too, and let people use the trestle tables as places to sit and do whatever they wanted. That way, besides the on-duty self-appointed lifeguards, there were always people around.

My husband and I liked the place so much that we were still there when the shipment of infant life jackets arrived and they started to build the 4-side fence. They invited us to test each and every jacket, as a thank-you for our patience and trust in them, so we did. I was so shocked–Karlo was so happy with the jackets and just lay paddling in them all day. Kiara was harder because she’s more active. Both my babies wear the jackets morning until night while the builders are there, and I’m actually trying to relax now.

My husband suggested that I should actually talk about The Daughter’s Inn instead of just our babies now. Bottom line: everyone should go here for a vacation. The Inn is really made out of an old farmhouse, so it’s just like visiting a really large home in the country. The bottom floor is lobby + GIGANTIC DINING ROOM + kitchen + small rooms for pet-lovers.

Those large trestle tables I was talking about normally stretch from the kitchen to the whole other side of the room. The farmhands used to eat there every mealtime, and now it’s our turn to sit shoulder-to-shoulder up and down the room.

I was scared at first that Karlo would make the guests feel uncomfortable–he has a speech impediment and prefers to show what he wants. However, everyone was so patient, they would really pay attention to what he was trying to tell them, and they didn’t baby him. We had an amazing time here, so I really think everyone should go on vacation here.

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